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Greetings my fellow Hispanics. My name is Frank Acosta. I am a small business man living in Farmington Hills Michigan. The purpose of this blog is to ask you come November to vote for Mitt Romney. Reason:

Mitt Romney will deliver jobs.

Over the past 4 years the Hispanic community has been hit hard by not having jobs. The current administration, President Obabma, will keep on promising and not delivering. If elected again, the next 4 years will be a disaster for the Hispanic community. Trust me there is no other way out of this horrible recession. Jobs will take care of everything. You will be able to send your kids to college and I would like to say proudly that my son Frank Acosta Jr. is a graduate of the University of Michigan class of 2001.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated. You can contact me personally 24/7 at 248-661-3013. Thank you for your consideration.

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